Diva in Paradise
Yialmelic Transmissions

If Yialmelic Transmissions were used as casual listening, then James Parker and Nicholas Croggon were right. Not only does Diva thwart any sort of creative companion/critique outside her meditations, but she IS the creative companion to her complete package of calm. And sometimes she brings along an travel buddy, which can be heard throughout dublab’s Monday podcast of Diva and her baby. Oh, and the moaning, honing, and droning on Yialmelic Transmissions was conducted by Diva, but potentially inspired by her baby and/or hubby Matthewdavid.

Every journey on Yialmelic Transmissions is a truely magnificent one. Not only are they lengthy, peaceful, and pleasantly worded, but on a cruddy weathered Wednesday like today, Diva opens minds and hearts to internal happiness. Personally, Yialmelic Transmissions reminds me of my childhood, going to these hippy macrobiotic camps, and watching my parents on some living room, laying on the rug, eyes shut, stereo moaning. It’s good to realize this sort of stuff is cyclical in our world, though. ‘Cause Diva and Matthewdavid are really aiming at cutest first-time parents award, considering they already RULE! ;)

Anyhoot, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE stream Yialmelic Transmissions below and enjoy every drip of dream Diva provides:

• Diva in Paradise: http://divainparadise.bandcamp.com

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