♫♪  DJ Final Trip - “Adderall”

In August 2010, a guy named Johnny started uploading (shitty, IMO) remixes of Susan Boye, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. But by the end of the month, Johnny, a.k.a. DJ Final Trip, was uploading weird sound experiments on his synth, such as “House Renegade” and later “Distractions Will Keep us Alive.” By the end of the year? We were treated to some surprisingly interesting noise tracks — including an 18-minute cut called “Pagan Misanthrope With The Number Of The Beast” and (my favorite) “Pretentiosity” — as well as an extremely muffled beat that he made for his hero Lil B.

Then came footwork. In 2011, DJ Final Trip was releasing a shitload of bizarre tracks with a footwork/based inflection, such as “Based Food Diet,” “Dream Girl,” and “Ocean With No Map.” He also released a musique concrète-meets-footwork track called “Truly Alone,” a satirical interview where he calls himself a composer, and a video of him showing off his hair. There’s even a “How to Be Like DJ Final Trip” on wikiHOW.

Sure, no one’s really given him the time of day, despite his many releases. But his presence — as a person, musician, and self-mythologizing (performance) art project — is kinda hard to ignore. Is this a Lil B meets DJ Rashad meets Daniel Johnston meets Nurse with Wound sorta thing? Not really. But maybe a satirist fucking with some music and having a laugh on the way? The journalist in me wants to know the answer, but the remaining 95% doesn’t give a fuck. Just check out “Adderall,” a track that DJ Final Trip, the self-proclaimed “leader of the #SIT movement,” sent to us. As he put it himself, it’s a “Goth-Juke Banger.”

• DJ Final Trip: http://www.twitter.com/djfinaltrip
• DJ Final Trip: http://www.djfinaltrip.bandcamp.com
• DJ Final Trip: http://www.last.fm/music/dj+final+trip
• DJ Final Trip: http://www.youtube.com/cryptodahfinaltrip

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