♫♪  DJ George Costanza - “Country Rap Mix”

After renewing my faith in American music with his legendary pop punk mix from last year, Thunderzone affiliate DJ George Costanza has put together another top notch mix for you. The “Country Rap Mix” may seem a little puzzling at first, but trust me on this one, it is, to quote Juiceboxxx, “one of the definitive mixes of 2014.”

Regardless of whether or not you’re into either country or rap, I think DJ George Costanza, one part of weird music/video/art collective Extreme Animals, is one of the more forward thinking DJs out there. His mixes and remixes hint at something I’ve heard referred to as “post-taste,” and a lot of the people he’s involved with (Juiceboxxx, Schwarz) work within this area as well. They’re embracing the styles and genres that got them interested in music in the first place (even if they’re not considered “cool” anymore), and their enthusiasm and affection makes their positive nu-American music all the more appealing.

Embrace your country boy/girl roots, crack a cold beer, and enjoy the sweet sounds of DJ George Costanza’s “Country Rap Mix.”

• DJ George Costanza: https://soundcloud.com/george_costanza

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