♫♪  DJ George Costanza - “Not a Phase Third Wave Ska Mix”

DJ George Costanza has dropped some of the most hard-hitting, conceptual mixes of this decade (maybe even the century?). First, there was the pop punk mix; then came the country rap mix; and now, Costanza completes the trilogy with his “Not a Phase” third wave ska mix. That’s right, Reel Big Fish and Mighty Mighty Bosstones are just a pair of the featured bands on this twenty minute “mini-mix,” and it’s all solid gold. I’m not gonna lie, I sent this to four friends, and only one responded, saying he’d listened to about ten minutes of it and could figure out the vibe. To be fair, late 90s third wave ska, paired with generous helpings of airhorn and the “DJ George Costanza,” may not be for everyone. But I was never particularly fond of any of these genres until DJGC dropped these mixes, and once I dipped my feet, I jumped into the deep end, and have been there ever since. Costanza is one of the masters of the game, and you don’t need analog hardware to put together a legit dj set. You can have all the gear you want, but if your heart’s not in it, like it is here, you should be listening to “Not a Phase” and taking notes.

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