♫♪  DJ Lil Nip Slip - RANDOMIZER

It’s forever been a dream of mine for experimental music to make it BIG. BIG in a way where it has a cable-aired awards ceremony with live “performances” (where ladies dress as Jesus and cover themselves in blood for 30 minutes on stage or there’s straight up a pie fight with hyper-speed bagpipes sounding off). BIG in a way where you couldn’t walk into a TJ Maxx and say, “God damn it, I can’t escape this song. It’s something about finding true love. Or tentacles. All I really need is underwear with a fruit bowl on it.” BIG in a way where DJ Lil Nip Slip ACTUALLY makes commercial music. As if RANDOMIZER were just a slew of new television and radio jingles that people driving get stuck in their head, or who are cooking and hum with the crackle of oil on a pan. FRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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