♫♪  DJ noonkoon - SLO.EP

Trust perennial TMT fave Foodman to turn you onto some madness, Japanese style. SLO.EP has emerged from the mind of one DJ noonkoon, a Nagoya-based tunemaker, and it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Opening gambit “MAXBET” scans like a bonkers interpolation of Lethal Bizzle’s iconic “Pow!” riddim, complete with a monster performance on the mic; elsewhere, we’re treated to frazzled house and juke workouts. There’s even a remix from the Foodman himself lurking towards the back end of this thing, so what are you waiting for?! SLO.EP effortlessly captures that low stakes, high energy vibe. Just take it from the Google Chrome translation of DFLT.JP’s webpage: “many of the sound a lot of dopamine comes out.” Hoover it up!

• DJ noonkoon: https://soundcloud.com/djnoonkoon
• DFLT.JP: http://dflt.jp/

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