♫♪  DJ Spinn / DJ Rashad - “She Turnt Up”

TMT’s been keeping tabs on DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad ever since the two MPC-totin’ stoners met in homeroom at South Holland, IL’s Thorwnwood High School (Check it out! I can do research!). Their latest track, “She Turnt Up,” continues to see these mainstay Tekz changing up their sound to suit the context — in this case, not only for the circle, but also for DJ Spinn’s forthcoming EP, TEKLIFE Vol. 2: What You Need. It’s a classic collaboration à la “We Trippy Mane,” with Spinn foregrounding the vocal clips and Rashad presumably holding things down with the dark, moody chords that typify the Ghetto Tekz’ sound of late. But it’s also got plenty of ghetto house flavor for the old schoolers, particularly with the line “She off the molly smoking reggie sipping orange juice/ She buss it open for the bros that hoe be getting loose.” Check it:

With already four tracks released to the public, boasting collaborations with Rashad, DJ Manny, DJ Gant-Man, and Traxman, and sampling the likes of Kanye West and Beyoncé, it’s probably safe to expect DJ Spinn’s TEKLIFE Vol. 2: What You Need to be both future-forward and respectful of house music’s forebears. Look for it in September via Lit City Trax.

• DJ Spinn: http://soundcloud.com/dj-spinn-1
• DJ Rashad: http://soundcloud.com/dj-rashad
• Lit City: http://www.litcity.com

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