♫♪  Dolphins - “Said It All”

Physically hypnotizing. I can’t place it with absolute certainty in “Said It All” but I have a few ideas. The luring riffs of the bass, like a gyrating spinal cord. The dripping eroticism in the vocals of Dolphins is absolutely there, snake-charming moans out the synthesizer. There’s some truth in the coldness of most post-punk, but rarely is it as sexy and groovy as this. Dolphins takes the methodical and makes it myriad, leading by glittery hands into a pool of cool, psyched-out sensuality. Before you realize it, this soaking wet mirage of a track plays you out and leaves you yearning for more on every level.

Taste the sea spray-punk vibes of Dolphins on their new album Fountains, out through Berlin’s Black Verb Records on cassette November 13. Stream the lead track “Said It All” below:

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