♫♪  DOS4GW - Hendra 3

For a fairly well-put-together-looking dude, DOS4GW makes music that certainly sounds like it’s having a hard time keeping itself together at all. It’s somewhat similar to, yet totally opposite the sound created by A.M. Breakups, which if you’ll recall, I said, “Never fully descends into noise territory; instead, it remains firmly tethered to the producer’s strong sense of melody.” Indeed, until recently, I only knew DOS4GW’s name through its attachment to Breakups’ buds Armand Hammer; DOS4GW received production credits for “Post Haste,” “Marooned,” and “The Good Die Mostly Over Bullshit” off the Half Measures mixtape, as well as “Hatchet Job” and “The Rent is Too Damn High” off Race Music. His noisiness was evident from the jump, but with this latest instrumental project, Hendra 3, he’s really starting to get dub-bugged. I mean, if Breakups’ sound is “firmly tethered,” DOS4GW’s is hanging on by a thread. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Sometimes, you’ve just got to let go. Also, to be fair, until recently I thought DOS4GW’s name was pronounced “dose-four-gee-double-you.” (I’m now pretty sure it’s pronounced ‘dosage’ and feel like I’m giving away a magic trick in telling you this. Sorry, but not really.)

• DOS4GW: http://dos4gw.com
• Smokers Cough: http://smokerscough.net

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