♫♪  D/P/I & Ahnnu - “Language”

And as the final formation of face solidifies the first android version of Drake, it awaits under a velvet blanket to be revealed in a distant time of humanity via broadcast. Upon presenting Drake-android to the world, it begins to quickly unzip its pants and show TRUE hardware. As the broadcasting crew members frantically run over to stop it, Drake-android stretches on its robo-dick with one hand while fending off people with the other. The controller’s remote falls at Drake-android’s feet; it smashes the remote into oblivion; and camera fires begin to erupt within the studio. The Drake-android is completely hard.

Bodies struggle to get up, others are lying dead or bleeding out, and Drake-android begins bending down, still standing, and starts to blow-jay himself. Gasps of confusion and pain cry out, but the mechanical moaning of Drake-android increases in volume as it beings to snap its back chords for complete oral pleasure. This faulty craftsmanship makes Drake-android excrete loads of muck-chunked oil from its rectal cavity. As Drake-android climaxes, he catches ablaze, and history repeats itself.

D/P/I & Ahnnu got together and made “Language.” Listen to their convo below:

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Ahnnu: http://www.dogtropic.net

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