D/P/I = DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE = HEAT WAVE = Alex Gray, and ESPRESSO DIGITAL is his latest offering, a 15-track mixtape that’s so good it hurts. It warbles, fidgets, and pulsates with the best of his music, impressionistic rhythms, flecks of digital ephemera, pitched-down tunes, even a wedding vow punctuating something understatedly moving deep within its core, despite its often minimal and distanced approach. This is Alex Gray (1/2 of Sun Araw) entirely in command and in the zone, the sound of electronic music kicked out of the club, shuffled into a claustrophobic alleyway, and digitally processed to his own redacted frequency.

Lyrics: Right now, as I stand here, you are the other half of me. The better half of me. Since I met you, you’ve been my third arm, my second heart, and my second set of ears. But tonight after we say “I do,” all that will change. The word “other” will no longer exist in our relationship vocabulary. Tonight, we will become one. Our hearts will beat in perfect unison; our eyes will blink the same speed. For the rest of my life when I wake up in the morning, your hair will be the first thing that I smell, and your skin will be the first thing that my lips touch and kiss; and tonight, I am giving you the key that unlocks every door inside of my body. In this moment, I promise to always defend you, and to protect you, and I give you my word that I will always do my very best to make you laugh, and to keep your cheeks sore from smiling so much. I will cook you breakfast and we’ll watch classic movies together. I will be an amazing father to our children one day. I will make sure that they know how much I love their mother. We will travel around the world together. We get to watch thousands of sunsets together. We will grow old together and watch each other’s hair turn grey. I promise you this, that I will always look at you the same as I see you today. I will tell you every day for the rest of your life how gorgeous you are. I will always sing for you until the day that I die. Even when I am 80 years old, I will still ask you to dance with me, when there’s no music in the room.

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es

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