♫♪  Dreamcrusher - “Adore”

Maybe it was recent admiration of witnessing Secret Boyfriend, but Dreamcrusher is bringing TMT another level of multifaceted sonic massaging —only this time with a bit of hum-crooning—in “Adore,” off the new Fire Talk Records tape, Hackers All of Them Hackers. And “Adore” indeed, as the vocal content of this blissfully ear-splitting song seems to caress and smooth out the fuzzy corners of sculpturous sound blaring throughout. Sort of like old-old Crystal Stilts or Dirty Beaches demo tapes, Dreamcrusher genre-shatters (once again) in subtle-punk fashion retaining harsh sensitivity and penetrating emotion. Y’all, considering the entirety of sounds generated in Hackers All of Them Hackers, if there’s ever a chance to see this Wichita-weirdo live in Brooklyn (Dreamcrusher’s current squat-city), it’s a must, and “Adore” will only end up realer, potentially even the exact way it was intended to be heard.

Jump on the PRE-ORDER game for Hackers All of Them Hackers NOW because Dreamcrusher AND Fire Talk Record releases on TAPE typically sprint out the marketplace. While you wait for the shipping, grip on “Adore” below:

• Dreamcrusher: https://dreamcrusher.bandcamp.com
• Fire Talk Records: http://firetalkrecs.com

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