♫♪  Drone - “Dilemma (REFIX)”

Yes! The world can breathe better now that “Dilemma (REFIX)” exists. Thank you, Drone, for reawakening the best parts of “Dilemma” without adding in any bullshit. It’s just what we need to revisit the highlight of Kelly Rowland’s career (sorry, it’s true). Not to discredit, but we all knew some grime version of this would eventually drop in the post-Aaliyah haze. I’m glad it’s finally here and I really appreciate that it’s delightfully minimal, and that it doesn’t use the all-too-imitatable Nelly “oh” as the main sound. Rather, it opts for a similar (and better?) stab made from Kelly’s vocal. Be right back, I’m going to watch the video twelve times.

• Drone: https://soundcloud.com/droneuk

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