♫♪  Dubbel Dutch - “DEEPA (Vocal Mix)”

The mercurial, Mew-like riddim conjuror Dubbel Dutch made a graceful descent from the great club in the sky earlier this morning to drop another effervescent batch of cosmic tone poems via Brooklyn-based dancehall 2.0 imprint Mixpak, the centerpiece of which would appear to be the strident, Jersey club-/jungle-inflected gem “DEEPA (Vocal Mix)” — take a listen, whydontcha?

The new EP entitled Cloud Club seems to pick up where last year’s excellent Self Help Riddims left off, delving even further into the transgeneric milieu that is contemporary club culture, while maintaining the high emotional payload we’ve come to expect from DD. The bubbling, mechanical calibrations of the oh-so-trending grime subgenre fit snugly alongside jungly jerks and pelvis-possessing bass patterns, while the tone of the whole thing points definitively skyward. Just wait for the vocal sample to start helixing into harmony with itself at the one-minute mark — I have a feeling this one’s gonna be banging ‘pon the dancefloor long into 2014.

Stream the whole EP here and grab the HD files via Mixpak here.

• Double Dutch: http://dubbeldut.ch
• Mixpak Records: http://store.mixpakrecords.com

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