“Assholes and Oxtails”

Here it is, dubknowdub burning that midnight fire transparent style brought to you by Words + Dreams, err Trouble, errrpp The Maze. Yes. And showing you the way via “Assholes and Oxtails.” Dead end? Murk your way through deep neon-sizzled zones, and ‘_’ -out. Please, just keep on reeling. Soon enough, it’ll be MiniDisc and you’ll have to (de-?)upgrade your equipment to be — how do you say — ‘ipp? Just recently, Words + Dreams released dubknowdub’s “Assholes and Oxtails” on a c92 Maze Mixtape, and a digital postcard featuring the mixtape’s tracklisting of bands featured at The Maze this year. Plenty of free-feeling frolics to fill your face. <3<3<3

• dubknowdub: http://dubknowdub.bandcamp.com
• Words + Dreams: http://www.wordsplusdrea.ms

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