♫♪  Dutch Courage - The Lounge Era

Reality bender. Diligent labwork. Testing, testing, testing subject reaction to scientific experiments. Layers upon layers of calculations, frontiers of quantum physics. Measuring biometric results.

Take courage.

Breakthrough. Rhythms of time and space coursing through subject. Measurements off the charts, total machine shutdown. Power surge, power failure. Subject courses with power. All in the vicinity are caught in the flow and distribution of energy and matter. One thing is both things is everything. Subject allows the continual reframing of existence. Then the subject simply stops.

Lights and machines blink on. Data fragments in silicon storage, reverting. Scientists blink, pupils returning to normal size. Pens scratch paper; keyboards clack. Subject makes no suggestion of what has happened.

Reality bender. Diligent labwork. There’s more to be done. Nobody’s sitting on no lounges, that’s for sure.

Dutch Courage is Gabor Kovacs (Új Bála) and Andreas Klotz (Superskin). The Lounge Era is out on Bezirk Tapes.

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