♫♪  Dynastic & Shady Monk - “DENIAL”

I’ve gotta say, I didn’t expect something this bombastic to be popping into my ears. That one’s on me, though; I should know better than to overlook DESKPOP™ for more than a few days. The prolific label is known for releasing all sorts of fun (read: very, very good) music in the style of clean, polished digipop. For their latest tease of 2018, DESKPOP™ labelmates dynastic and Shady Monk go to the heap of puzzle pieces and construct a clockwork machine of a track. “DENIAL” is coated in chromatic confidence and slathered in borderline outrage, sporting a groove that plows through everything in sight. It’s hard not to indulge in the synthesized optimism of dynastic and Shaymo, as they practically reach the stars onboard one sick bass line — full speed ahead.

Unfortunately, this ride/ridiculously good jam is over all too quickly. Let’s just hope “DENIAL” is one piece of many in 2018 for DESKPOP™ and their pile of lovely parts.

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