♫♪  Earn - “Stray”

Within this dome shall the ethereal take shape. Such as imagination. Such as the creation. Of what creation can the imagination form? Focus now and mentally encapsulate all memories at once. Witness life again and again. Follow the play-by-play of everything that beholds humanity as a transformed state of being. Fading in and out of moments in time, something imagined in the past comes to fruition and the shock of memory lapse, while momentum rattles the memories you once had. As if this dome were the dream-maker of reality, one could walk in a hobo and come out a millionaire. The theory goes that if you swat a fly after traveling back in time, that kill could potentially have a huge effect on what could have happened. So does the misinterpreted thoughts within this dome, but only of thought, cause, c’mon, time travel? Nahh! But this dome, right? One “Stray” memory can lead all creativity into excreting itself in front of you, pounding the side of this dome with your fists, curing its visions for showing you the Earn you’re placed in upon your inevitable demise.

On the real, outside of that dome are 300 copies of Earn’s new record Hell On Earth on which the track “Stay” is featured. Vinyl is white, and you can grip a copy through Bathetic Records.

• Earn: http://twitter.com/EkheinLTD
• Bathetic Records: http://batheticrecords.com

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