♫♪  easyFun - Deep Trouble

Q: Is this a new easyFun EP? Is this the same people who made the other easyFun EP? Is it just one person? Is it A. G. Cook? Is it someone named Finn Keane? Is that Hannah Diamond on vocals? Is it ‘Sarah’? Is it Finn Keane? Is the speeding up of the vocals supposed to mean something? Where is this music produced? How is this music produced? Why is this called Deep Trouble? Is easyFun going to be at SXSW? Is the first track fun? Is the third track a joke? Is the second track worse than the first track? Is the first track better than the third track? Is the plane crash serious? Is the music something to identify with? Is this EP easy?


• easyFun: https://soundcloud.com/easyFun
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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