♫♪  E+E - RECORTES [2008-2012]

Pop music has never been this serene since Michael circa Free Willy. E+E (Elijah Paul Crampton) is now here to propose that same feel, but reimagined on RECORTES [2008-2012]. Basically, RECORTES [2008-2012] (translation: Cuts) takes everything you wanted in pop and flips ya, for real. Like, he got birds and bells both signaling off in the middle of songs that sound all at once daring, bold, and fluid. It’s non-stop and can be played as such. Too much musical and/or verbal weird worlds in your years? Satiate that pain and ease into E+E’s RECORTES [2008-2012]. I got a mini-exclusive bit from Elijah about how this release came to be, and the words exactly match the songs’ adventures and poignancy. Read about it in the block quote and stream RECORTES [2008-2012] below:

These works sum up a time in my life spent moving through the United States, a time abounding with pure romanticism and sorrow. Back then, I was engulfed in the flames of such poets as Saint John of the Cross, Paz, and of course my beloved Jimenez. These songs were quite literally love letters written to different boyfriends and to God. Not originally intended for any form of public gaze, they laid with my secrets. They stood ash-dusted as a testament to a violent reclaiming of my past and their posture remains in that light. Their formation came wholly at times, flung out and blasted into being; in other moments they seemed to materialize shadowy and scarcely existing. From their inception these songs have remained in motion, in constant arrival. May you find solace in these crude constellations. May you find yourself dragged down into love’s orbit, removed- however momentary- from the abysm of your freedom, pulled out by a great weight of wings.”

• E+E: http://eande.bandcamp.com

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