♫♪  E+E - “Saint Omega”

E+E, truly one of the most interesting and promising acts that resides primarily on SoundCloud, has just posted a stunning track called “Saint Omega.” If you’re too numb to feel anything for the orchestra’s swelling romanticism or the sentimental cover of John Mayer’s already overly sentimental “When You’re Dreaming with a Broken Heart,” then perhaps the jarring interruptions of gunfire, explosions, and various other violent, aggressive sounds here will get your heart racing. One might assume that E+E, a.k.a. Elijah Crampton, is merely evoking a pseudo-spirituality here for critical purposes — and this could very well be the case — but Crampton himself is a spiritual being, someone who prays that he “might create something beyond [himself], somehow answer to a will beyond [his] own within [his] work.”

One of his friends described his music as “romantic comedy.” I agree. This is the sound of an angelic choir in the bathroom.

Keeping my fingers crossed for an official release of some sort, but meanwhile, check out his SoundCloud collection of early-ish works and his one-track mixtape released last year.

• E+E: https://soundcloud.com/eande

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