♫♪  eeli - TRASHLORD JAMS (sutured evidence mixtape)

Wind is totally unpredictable. One could argue if wind even dominates “presence” on this Earth. Or that the gravitational pull of plates shifts the tides of wind in a monopoly of nature. As if everything “has it’s purpose,” but realistically is always happening in one on-going long con. If you don’t wake up in time, dream time is a momentary bliss. Is there wind in dream time?

Exercise: we all open our windows on a windy night listening to gusting sounds that gently nip our lips by breezes just light enough we become the air within, engulfing out dream time in a powerful, narrative way:

* * * *

Maybe it was in an e-mail. Maybe some sparrow. TRASHLORD JAMS (sutured evidence mixtape) definitely a museum of intricacies. Maybe eeli is new love:

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