Dromilly Vale EP [preview]

Earlier this year, Public Information released Electronics Without Tears, a retrospective into the archives of early-electronic music composer F.C. Judd. Buy it. But you should also start saving up, because later this month — February 27, to be exact — Public Information is releasing the Dromilly Vale EP by Bristol artist Ekoplekz (Nick Edwards). While it’s certainly in the vein of those crazy early Radiophonic workshoppers, the EP also has a quality that won’t make you too embarrassed to describe it as “forward-thinking.” Maybe Public Information’s claim that the EP consists of “five brand new emissions for 2102” isn’t a typo after all.

The EP is limited to 300 12-inches, with no repress in sight.

• Ekoplekz: http://ekoplekznews.wordpress.com
• Public Information: http://public-info.co.uk

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