♫♪  Ekoplekz / Wanda Group - “Dead Escalator Suite” / “Slow Down Your Blood”

Something’s about to happen. Synthesizers everywhere are malfunctioning. Recordings are clouded. Those sounds from the deepest parts of the world’s largest forests are creeping through our cords (chords) and trying to reclaim the noises we’ve been working so hard to recreate through our canyon echo and cavernous reverb. Vines may burst forth from our speakers and break through the boards on our dance floors.

The Ekoplekz and Wanda Group split is out digitally now. Cassette version ships tomorrow. Listen and be warned.

• Ekoplekz: http://ekoplekznews.wordpress.com
• Wanda Group: http://wandagroup.bandcamp.com
• Further Records: http://furtherrecords.org

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