♫♪  Èlg - “Panorama”

There’s a “Panorama” of me and my family, with my dad’s parent, on a dock somewhere at sunset I see every time I go upstairs in Grams’ old house; I rarely explore Grams’ house since she passed. It’s weird to look at since I look so much different. People in that picture are dead now. Mom and me and my little brother, still left. And there’s a mural painted on Main street of that same dock, only with an all black silhouette of a white man with a ponytail playing sax. Smoke screen.

Èlg captures the art of distraction. Somewhat theatre without performance. Abstraction of once un’t *yawn*. Troves and alcoves with Rambo shots on blast. Editions Gravats with the salt shaker in the background just raining crystals. Like a flash of light in the mirror, “Panorama” changes positions as if it were uncomfortable sleeping on heaven in nirvana, like. I’m so hoping Èlg’s newest release Vu Du Dôme sounds like the collaborative album between Triad God, Lolina, and Serge Gainsbourg. OUT NOW!

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