♫♪  Elucid - Bird Eat Snake // The Love Offering (My Intention Mix)

My first exposure to Elucid’s brand of audible mindrape came during the 4th Annual Yule Prog, where his all-out sonic assault of a set suffered from a few major technical difficulties (the kind of feedback that momentarily deafens you and leaves your ears ringing for days). Nevertheless, my interest was piqued enough that I soon downloaded his 2009 and 2010 albums, The Sub Bass Diet and Super Chocolate Black Simian. It was after listening to these when I began to really appreciate the MC’s gutteral intensity and forward-thinking beat selection.

Fast-forward to Yule Prog 5. Elucid has now teamed with fellow Brooklyn transplant and progressive hip-hop production wunderkind A.M. Breakups to form Cult Favorite. The duo’s show-stealing performance (especially impressive in light of the night’s heavy-hitting lineup) has me me on the low calling these guys the next Public Enemy, Breakups’ discordant yet anthemic beats serving as the ideal poster board for Elucid’s outraged calls to arms. They followed this performance up with The Kingdom Mix, almost 20 minutes of punch-you-in-your-shit insanity, and of course another knock-out performance at Yule Prog 6.

That said, one would be remiss to ignore Elucid’s latest contribution to the Brooklyn-raised prog-hop scene. This nearly one-hour continuous mix comes guaranteed to turn a fuckboy’s knuckles white. And while you’re enjoying these digi plants, look out for the group’s debut album, which, last I heard, is scheduled for a March 5 digital/vinyl release.

• Elucid: http://elucid.bandcamp.com
• Cult Favorite: http://cultfavorite.com
• Reservoir Sound: http://reservoirsound.com

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