♫♪  Emily Yacina - “Loser”

NYC and Philly-based singer and writer Emily Yacina is bookending the year with another 2015 EP. Her first – Pull Through – popped up in January as a hushed coming out party of sorts. She has steadily amassed a strong collection of albums and singles on her Bandcamp since 2011, while becoming a frequent collaborator with Alex G in that time. Now, nearly a year after Pull Through came in, warming up the new year air, Emily is prepping the December come down Soft Stuff.

“Loser,” the first track of Soft Stuff, is everything I love about Emily’s music. It exists in a space between absolute calmness, the kind obtained by conscious breathing or sprawling out at a favorite park, and total solitude, the “I’m OK right now and maybe no one else exists” headspace.

Soft Stuff is out December 11. Cassettes are available for LMTD pre-order on Bandcamp. And if you’re in Brooklyn, Emily’s record release show is December 8 at Palisades.

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