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New Camp Records could literally be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the music they release, considering they just put out a tape of choral loops by the amusing project Eola. Eola is just like any other rock & roll band, except none of the members ever learned how to play instruments, and they all wanted to be frontmen, so they all sing. That last line was purely speculation (a.k.a. I’m lying), because it’s just one guy. His name is Edwin Mathias White. I couldn’t find much information about Eola on the internet, except that they might be affiliated with Tonstartssbandht, a Florida band that recently both toured Russia and did a split cassette with Dirty Beaches.

Eola’s music is soaked in a blanket of vinyl warmth and reverb, applied liberally and in wide, sweeping strokes, like a bathtub full of honey. At times, it sounded like I was listening to a soundtrack for a flick that is all shots of horses trotting in the Alps, saturated with Swiss politics, the Russian national anthem, a grouping of solemn dwarves, Gregorian chants, and Fleet Foxes. Despite its reel-to-reel fidelity, Eola is not campy. Rather, it is full of wonder and spirit, like a silent film. Bold, gorgeous, and expressive. Listen below, and grip a tape today via New Camp Records.

• Eola: http://eola.bandcamp.com/album/ye
• New Camp Records: http://newcamprecords.bandcamp.com

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