CHITOKYO MIXTAPE is totally bombed out. Like, going to work, completely whacked out your mind, your mind is completely gone, having a mind of your own is NO MORE. Turn signals pop off in all sorts of directions. People riding your ass and thinking it’s YOUR fault the front of their car almost it the back of yours. Rubbing your eyes transports dimensions and RED is all the tint rage. EQwhy smashes in another 500 samples and you’re only three minutes deep. Knuckles are as white as dreary wall paper. There’s no money for anything needless. Saying there’s no culture in a location is absurd, but whatever.

But where’s my money? It’s to “be made” in a tower built within a valley, so while walking toward the entrance wind will snap at your body so furiously you’re instantly sober upon entering. Then, you’re interacting with coworkers tryna recall all the “new” or “popular” music being played/circulated at the moment. And it all comes out like CHITOKYO MIXTAPE. So, good for you, ‘cause EQ Why is out on that yuung physical and you can grip yourself a cassette through Orange Milk Records, where I have also written a few album descriptions if you care to read. Heard OM they really put in a buck or two for CHITOKYO MIXTAPE, and it was 100,000,000% worth it. Find out for yourself below:

• EQ WHY: https://soundcloud.com/eqwhy
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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