Wow, be saying some dumb shit I shouldn’t, but it’s just the same as VH1 or Bravo! -channel shows that you can’t keep from tuning into. Pretend nobody heard your favorite beat and this is your introduction now: NEVER HAPPENED! So what do we do with what’s been done and given and regiven to only been-done again? Been done the given to been done another time thus RE-regiven-REPOST. But most of all party. Right. Always party. You could be out in the middle of nowhere doing the same shit you is doing now. Only vastness terrifies me more now than drowning or being stuck in a subway tunnel at 3AM or heights. People been had these problems.

ESTOC spins it similar, but fucking PARTY!ESTOC EDITS VOL 0 is like the warm up DJ just before tonight’s headliner, only the headliner didn’t move the crowd at all, and now you’re trying to figure out how to approach the fine-young BBW in the corner, but feel the grip of irregularity grip, holding you back. The warm up DJ killed it, tho! Even if she just pressed play on a tracklist entitled [let’s say], ESTOC EDITS VOL 0. Don’t remember? You wouldn’t. You got flirty with the ma-flirty in the corner, so ping:

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