♫♪  Etai Keshiki - Shit Off

“This is the last time this song will ever be played by our hands and feet and mouths. Enjoy.”

David Graeber, talking about peoples such as the Piaroa of the Amazon, argues that it is the “egalitarian” and the “most peaceful societies which are also the most haunted, in their imaginative constructions of the cosmos, by constant spectres of perennial war.” Such communities mold these hauntings into imagined violent spaces of externality, as a contrasting tool for encouraging consensus and conviviality in their daily lived relationships.

In our own Utopian future, Etai Keshiki will provide a sonic blueprint for such summoning, as we take out the stress of shared post-work community-building onto abundant inanimate instruments, rather than onto each other. No wonder hardcore noise punks often live in harmonious communal housing co-ops: the two require each other. There are only so many house meetings about bulk food orders anyone can enjoy before needing to scream.

If this future does not suit you, feel free to flee for the hinterlands of “feel-good tuneage” and endless physical violence that exist beyond our borderless enclaves.

We await the forthcoming 7-inch to follow “Shit Off” as further evidence of this important phenomena.

• Etai Keshiki: http://etaikeshiki.bandcamp.com

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