♫♪  (exitpost) - “Sweet Fade”

In Melanie Gauer’s The Suburbs”, a wall of mist descends over a man walking his dog. It is an utterly banal scene that is about to devoured alive. It is domestic and violent in a deliberate, glacial fashion.

“Sweet Fade,” by Kenneth Herman’s (exitpost) project, also contains these frustrated scenes of domesticity and violence. The percussion kit is a many-roomed house: there is the kitchen, the golf course, the office, the garage. Sometimes it sounds like objects are being built from these samples. Other times it sounds like chairs and glass are breaking against the wall.

In another photo, a woman fixes her gaze on a point outside of the frame. In the background a monolithic Wal-Mart sized church proclaims: “Jesus is Loud.” I might have misread it. The summer is a time to do silly things.

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