♫♪  Ext4z - MAKE A WISH

Run around ya twice west coast bad boys El Sereno Records of FAMILY EVENT, JAMES MATTHEW, and C DOG brotherhood are rolling through with a [sic] beat tape from French producer Ext4z (a.k.a. Pablito). The baker’s dozen-length tape (plus one bonus with DL) are stuffed and baked euphorias, light enough to not get too full, but, as a whole, complete and fulfilling. You’ll be scouring the web for a Yelp page to 5-star it. MAKE A WISH is a leap year baby so, like any other LYB, it vanishes after 2016 and won’t be available again until 2020 – that includes Ext4z’s “ROULE” video!

Get your fill, cop the tape!

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