♫♪  Extinción de los Insectos - Extinción de los Insectos

Dane from Abe Vigoda might have turned to juke, but some of us still require a slightly NOISIER form of frantic percussive clattering.

To Spain! Where thankfully, from beneath the endless headlines about economic crisis and angry protesting children comes a suitably thought out response.

SCREAMING. And Delay. And RIFFS. It’s basically the plague of The Locust, but the dastardly insects have run out of human prey and now simply dine on each other, occasionally dancing gleefully as one of their own is barbecued on a still-glowing “bug zapper.” Which, by the way, you shouldn’t use.

Yes, it is Extinción de los Insectos, which, as Google Translate tells us, means “Not Fucking Safe For A Mother’s Day Mix CD.”

And they are probably angry, but in that “screaming at passing buses and ripping your own clothing” way that befits our current epoch.

• Chingaste La Conifianza: http://chingastelaconfianza.bandcamp.com/

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