♫♪  /f - laugh crou

/f moved to NYC and I’m getting nervous, y’all. He wants to meet for wine with me. I want to too. But let’s chill in Harlem? And maybe start booking shows around Flushing? Brooklyn is too Yankee Candle for my Fifth Element right now.

Anyhow, old Marcel hit me with a link to laugh crou, and it took me into the next-next realm. /f continues to shatter expectations, picking up from where Ahnnu and Lampgod sorta tapped-out the beat-scene, but kept going in the same vein, utilizing the same aesthetics, while maintaining a complete originality about warping the mind and variations.

As if it were an orchestra of glitches, laugh crou is the walk in a park under water holding hands with /f, continuing to ask each-other in bubbles, “Who are you again?” Itching a mole under your t-shirt and /f asking, “What kind of cancer are you itching? Is it green yet?

Dressed as a lion, telling people, “I’m Michael Phelps, the baseball player,” posing as Vanna White:

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