♫♪  False Flag - Peace On Earth

There’s a hypothetical spreadsheet I keep to track Bandcamp label that is updated every week. Out of all the weird, Chicago’s Swamp Circle is the most dismantling. I have no idea what’s going on 80-90% of the time. It’s incredible. The only grounding Swamp Circle and it’s big dead, rad mom label Rainbow Bridge give is mega noise Angel Marcloid, whose one of many aliases False Flag released Peace On Earth earlier this month.

Peace On Earth is a total death merchant. It’s as interested in harsh, battering noise as half-tongue-in-cheek, half on the nose social awarity – lanes Angel has crossed into throughout their five-plus years of existence. The crunch dealt in “No Peace” blast battles the lead shelling of the title track. It’s pissed and, in one of two Divine Shell features “Additive-Addicted Bottom-Feeder II,” a literal speeding train.

Bonus: Woahhhh check out another one of Angel’s projects FIRE-TOOLZ.

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