♫♪  Feifei Forever - “Pearls”

It’s an agonizing time in winter after the holidays; our area is plagued with long January afternoons where the snow doesn’t stop falling in clumps, blotting out a light-polluted, graphite sky. Snow sits way too moist on the roads and paths so no one leaves their house. Serious relationships are suddenly hassle-some when you have to walk through a mix of slush at your feet and a dry wind scorching your face. It’s not as hurtful for either of you; after all, who would want to leave the house anyway on a day like this?

The days all feel like this though, at least for several weeks at a time. By this point, you’re both functionally single or at least not talking as much anymore. It’s not as okay anymore but neither of you want to say anything yet. The snow isn’t as oppressive (just falling powder by the end of the month) but it’s so utterly cold you can almost feel every echo in the air on your wind-burnt, raw skin whenever you step out.

At this point though, you’ll take that. It beats being stuck in a room with Mary J. Blige whirring on a blown-out computer speaker, wondering why you haven’t talked to anyone in what feels like days. The winter is sincere if you aren’t bottled up in that room. You haven’t had plans for days with anyone but maybe you’ll step outside by yourself to experience it for once.

There’s some of that sincerity in “Pearls.” Even with its vapor roots and simplicity, that wistful feeling of the season is there. Even the emotions are laid bare, in a way only winter really reveals. It’s almost stifling.

Feifei Forever’s “Pearls” is off of their self-titled album, available November 12 on BLCR Laboratories. Stream “Pearls” below:

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