♫♪  Felicita - “Climb Up Eh”

FELICITA IS BACK. Like “Doves,” “Climb Up Eh” is another infectiously malleable track that was initially previewed last year — over a year ago, actually — and is now confirmed for Felicita’s upcoming Frenemies EP. You can almost taste this one. The track has its own webpage here, including links to order Frenemies as a yellow 12-inch with a custom plastic sleeve or as a glow-in-the-dark, translucent yellow drawstring bag. Don’t sleep on these limited goodies, or you may find yourself without a yellow 12-inch with a custom plastic sleeve or a glow-in-the-dark, translucent yellow drawstring bag!

Frenemies, the inaugural release for Gum Artefacts, is out October 13.

• Felicita: http://felicit.asia
• Gum Artefacts: https://soundcloud.com/g-u-m-o-n-e

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