♫♪  Felicita - “Doves”

Felicita, the UK producer who drips (and drips and drips and drips and drips) from the same sugary fountain as SOPHIE and A. G. Cook, has just re-premiered his fantastic track, “Doves.” The song — a squiggly lighthearted pop oddity of hollow tennis balls, snail gel, and falling doves — is off forthcoming EP Frenemies on Gum Artefacts. It’s a toothsome little number, with pitch-fucked voices, click-clack rhythms, and the overwhelming lipgloss‘d intonation of the 21st-century hologram/subject/protagonist. AHHHHHHH….

• Felicita: http://felicit.asia
• Gum Artefacts: https://soundcloud.com/g-u-m-o-n-e

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