“O Sodoma”

Whenever one of Bernardino Femminielli’s songs comes on, the lamp next to my desk turns off. Lights built into the floor that I didn’t know were there softly flicker to life and beam up into my brow. I lift my eyes curiously and turn around… and he’s there. In all his bearded, white tuxedo’d glory. Mic in hand, cable wrapped sleazily around his wrist as he sways slowly toward me. “O Sodoma,” he coos. And closer still, and closer yet, and he whispers into my ear…

“Por favor.”

…and it’s a little weird. But it doesn’t matter, because I want him. It’s bad. I want him bad, and it’s bad. And it’s because this music is so bad. So sexy bad. Bad bad. Good bad. Great bad. Bad good, you know, the best bad in the worst way, and I fall for it, and you sure as hell will too.

And then the sax solo. That’s done by a guy named Renaud Seguin. I want him too, almost as bad.

“O Sodoma” will appear on a forthcoming 7-inch from Japanese label MIND Records, although I can’t seem to find a website for them anywhere. Watch for it anyway.

• Femminielli: http://soundcloud.com/femminielli

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