♫♪  The Field - “Then, It’s White”

So you’ve probably heard that Axel Willner (known as The Field to most of us) is finally done with his third full-length album, which is entitled Looping State Of Mind and being released on Kompakt Records. And you’ve also probably heard that it sounds really, really good. What you may not know is that you can download one of the album’s extraordinary tracks, “Then It’s White,” for free off Soundcloud. One of the more mild tracks from the new release, “Then, It’s White” is an intimate piano-laden zone-out. And I swear to god he sings the familiar words “Justin Bieber” several times toward the end of the song (about 5:30 into it). No?

Also, if you pre-order the CD or the double-LP (which you’ll get on October 10) from Bleep, you get the album in digital form instantly! Do it now!

• The Field: http://www.garmonbozia.se/thefield
• Kompakt: http://www.kompakt.fm

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