♫♪  Fjords - “IX”

My boi JW over at Sonic Meditations only wants y’allz music experience to last forever. And not in a looped perverted way. There’s more treatment to Sonic Meditations’ creative mission. Fjords beaming “IX” as best new example of how labels progress their artistic direction. Continuing to create one consistent sound via a milli other sounds: orchestral tenderness, tattered-psyche healing, neuro-image paranormal transfer. Etc. Also, according to my shitty internet research skills, Fjords (Jon Davies and Tyler Taormina) are totally untraceable. Seems like they in good hands at Sonic Meditations. Pre-order Fjords’ cassette now, or pick it up when it releases on November 21. Go get that sack, brahh!

• Fjords: http://fjords.bandcamp.com
• Sonic Meditations: http://www.exposeventy.com/sonicmeditations

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