♫♪  Floor Baba - “Baba Bebop”

Any opportunity I get to listen to some new Floor Baba is always choice , particularly when I get to attempt to describe his sound in some confusingly vivid wording. I’m sad to see he is no longer killing it out of Youngstown (obligatory “represent”) but a new locale for Baba seems to have stirred some rather rad ROM-hack jazz in the form of Baba Bebop. There’s always been an upbeat quality to a lot of Floor Baba’s tracks but there’s some respite from the wacky, polygon-clipping synths in favor of more mellow moments on “Bae Status” and “Love.” Baba’s jazzy webpop peaks are always near, brought on by focused fiddling to the hyperactive vibe of bounding through N64 sprites.

Personally, I’m more of a PlayStation guy but these tunes make me heavily reconsider that position. At least for as long as this 16 bit-fever hypes me up. Utterly fluid noodling, perfect for tending the digital succulent garden and fending off the mobs in it. In the words of wiser folks before me, this is the good shit.

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