Floris Vanhoof
Talking Gongs [excerpt]

Talking Gongs by Floris Vanhoof (out now on Edições CN) is the improvisational acoustic adaptation of digital pings. As if the gong were doing a call in response to the own nature of their sonic vibration. Piercingly peaceful stab gently at the metal plates, while a melody of low-end scaled xylophones and gradually shifting tectonics into a stewed realm that mirrors reality. Only as alternate universe. Only in a dimension from whence it arrived. Only— or, BACK TOO. Floris Vanhoof will recreate your alchemical properties. CD and cassettes still available on Edições CN. Endure a new wave of thinking in Talking Gongs (except below). And…

03-03 till 05-03 Talking Gongs installation at KRAAK festival in Beursschouwburg Brussels.
I also programmed two films: PERFECT LIVES by Robert Ashley and the recently restored CROSSROADS by Bruce Conner.

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