♫♪  Form A Log - The Two Benji’s

Open up your heart, clear out the sooty atria, and make some room for Log Culture. Your mouth asks, “Who is Form A Log?” Turns out, your ears somehow knew it all along: three men who make music from the playback of 4-track cassette players, having laid out their recursive rhythms, synth-noise abuse, and spoken-word sample fuckery onto individual swathes of magnetic tape. With 12 channels available to mix and match between them, Form A Log performances find Ren Schofield (Container, I Just Live Here), Noah Anthony (Profligate), and Rick Weaver (Dinner Music, Human Conduct) overlaying their streams of technoid chaos into a generative mire that pulses enough to occupy your body as it reconfigures your synapses. Spend time with Form A Log, and designations like “primal” or “underground” or “lo-fi” crumble under your complete certainty that these men are doing everything perfectly right and perfectly wrong, feeling their way through new permutations of improvisation and composition, and conjuring a din unlike any you’ve heard before.

You have questions. “Who are the men that adorn The Two Benji’s with Cup Noodles dangling from mouths and plants covering torsos?” “How can I sink knee- or shoulder- deep into Log Culture before it’s too late?” “What does anything mean anymore at all?” I don’t have the answers you need. Maybe no one does. Though the Log boys maintain a laconic “mum’s the word” policy RE: the details of their burgeoning basement empire, any time spent with their music will nullify your anxieties. Scroll down, stream a few tracks from The Two Benji’s (previously self-released on cassette), come back, and tell me you’re not a little transformed.

“But where can I grip it???” I know the answer to this one: Decoherence Records kicks off its catalog by pressing this first piece of Log wax, and 500 copies hit the street on November 5. Pre-order it now, and when the record arrives, throw some Benjis in celebration:

1. Raise fist.
2. Extend and separate index and middle fingers.
3. Deed done.

• Form A Log: https://soundcloud.com/form-a-log
• Decoherence Records: http://decoherencerecords.com

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