♫♪  Former Selves - Selige Sehnsucht

Listening to Former Selves’ Selige Sehnsucht reminds me of the time I watched a drunk stumble around on a pool league night at this skeazy bar near my house. The whole night, he just kept asking people to play a game with him, not understanding what was going on — that the regulars were busy getting drunk, that his actions were too real to deal with, and that the other patrons were there for LEAGUE NIGHT, not to deal to him. I was sort of paralyzed by his personal rawness at the time, but I also felt a wave of enlivened humanity, seeing the humor in our collective foibles, as well as the gorgeous sadness in all of our actions. Enter the sonics of Former Selves.

Like that stumblebum, Former Selves brighten and enlighten the minute details of your surroundings. When you get deep into Selige Sehnsucht, you can almost taste the stale bar popcorn and hermetic vibes. So go ahead and lose your daily mundaneness to the drones and subtle builds of solemn moods on Selige Sehnsucht, because it’s all pretty much candle-wicked taste-buds the moment you press play. You don’t even need a bartab to confirm your experience. Listen below, and pick up a copy of the physical here.

• Former Selves: https://formerselves.bandcamp.com
• Carpi Records: http://www.carpi-records.com

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