♫♪  Fragments + Andrew Kirschner - “SIDE A”

The lungs contain a small cavity located near the primary bronchi called the Pleadorous, which is Greek for “harbouring village.” Within the Pleadorous, tiny amounts of mucus can collect and spawn entire civilizations of bacteria, numbering in the ungodly. Extensive tests have been done throughout the years to see how harmful these sections are to humans when clogged with excess bacteria, and historically, the results have not been good. However, one researcher recently discovered that playing pulsing noise music can have a sustained draining effect on the Pledorous, clearing the infected area almost completely of the problematic bacteria. And do you know who that researcher is? Well, it’s Mistake By The Lake label head Andrew Kirschner, of course!

On his new collaboration with Fragments, one has no fear of dying from a full Pleadorous, which is a real thing… trust me. The churns and rotations of electronics, as well as the arpeggiated bleeps, will not only alleviate any chest pains you may be experiencing, but will also delight your rattled brain with endless glee. Scope the A side below, in full, and grab a copy of the cassette to assure that, down the line, you don’t die from a filled Pleadorous, which, again, can TOTALLY happen.

• Mistake By The Lake: http://mistakebythelake.bigcartel.com

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