♫♪  Francis Moss - Pluna

Battling self decisions is forever-eternal. Feeling every bit of someone before and behind you. Hearing their breathe. “You chose this…” and contemplative memories. Physically. Accidental grazes followed by readjustments. Not sitting in furniture for the past two days. Pacing like electricity has found a healthy infrastructure within your skin. Biomental hard drive sleep. Pulsating the natural and digital. But at the time of retirement. Or just vacation. They’d call it “Switching off.” And the sky changing into colors never imagined. The simplicity of misunderstanding. Only nobody noticed. So everyone leaves super happy. Nothing is ever really effected, but thankfully quiet. After a thundershower. When all the solar-powered plants absorb nuclear UV rays. Healthily mutating into an evolutionary medium that future-humans call Pluna.

Find out more forward thinking in Pluna by Francis Moss, below:

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