♫♪  froyo ma - “home phone w/ nick hakim”

froyo ma skips pebbles across the reflective surface of a gelatin lake. “home phone” maps the aural ripples that are left behind with the leaps of each stone, their jiggly vibrations stretching out across the shimmering veneer like fresh-out-of-bed limbs. Elegant steel drum splashes form uniform undulations that wrestle with the scattered tidal bursts produced by guest vocalist Nick Hakim’s intricately layered hooks. In terms of timbre, his fluttering falsetto recalls the ambitious chorus-craft of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, (extraterrestrial pitch-shifted harmonies and all), yet they express a sense of hyper-melodic play that can’t help but remind me of the bits of transhuman autotune woven into Lil Yachty’s early discography.

froyo tops a biodegradable bowl full of clattering percussion with shredded coconut guitar chords and syrupy pop exuberance, then weighs the concoction on the scale by the cash register.

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