“Edge” (Fybe Remix)

Despite the ubiquity of genre splicing and the ease of sampling in today’s vast, virtually unchartable musical landscape, I will always have a weakness for a well-sung standard. Which is not what “Edge” is, exactly. The original track, by Royce Wood Junior & Stac, from their Second Lens EP on Shades of Gray, is a little more generic than the remix by Fybe:one we’ve posted here. Fybe:one’s version magnificently burgles the vocals and reduces the rave-floor vibe, inserting instead restrained chord comps and a ethereal take on the lyrics.

It’s actually surprising to learn that the original track isn’t just a singer in front of a rhythm section, because Fybe:one’s remix has achieved what some very good remixes can: to invent, through suggestion, a third track, which seems to exist in the listener’s mind in addition to the original and the remix. In other words, Fybe:one’s version is so good, you’ll be hearing ghosts. [Via Soulection]

• Fybe:one: http://soundcloud.com/fybeone

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